Emmanuele Zuccarelli

Multi-Award Winning Musician and Mixed Media Artist

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Emmanuele Zuccarelli is a well-known multi-award-winning musician and mixed media artist from the picturesque Multnomah County in Oregon. With over two decades of experience as a session musician, Zuccarelli is highly sought after by many high-profile artists and bands. He is known for his skills as a drummer, bass player, and guitarist, which have earned him a spot alongside Billboard Hot 100 staples.

A proud alumnus of the prestigious College of Liberal Arts at Oregon State University, Zuccarelli was born and raised in Douglas County, Oregon. Apart from his love for music and mixed media, he enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing and hiking. Zuccarelli is also an active supporter of several nonprofit organizations and charities, which he believes are crucial to the betterment of society.

Zuccarelli's live performances have taken him across the United States and many countries worldwide, including Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. He has performed with numerous internationally renowned recording artists and continues to be the preferred session drummer for one such artist for over 15 years.

Currently residing with his wife and three children, Zuccarelli primarily focuses on studio-based session work. However, he remains committed to his passion for music and continues to seek opportunities to perform live. Zuccarelli's dedication, hard work, and talent have made him a respected figure in the music industry and an inspiration to aspiring musicians.

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Emmanuele Zuccarelli

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