About Me

Emmanuele Zuccarelli is a multi-award-winning musician and mixed media artist from Multnomah County, Oregon. The Oregon native is an in-demand session musician. As a session musician, he has performed alongside many high-profile acts in both studio and live work. His live work has seen him travel extensively across the U.S. and overseas.

Zuccarelli is a graduate of Oregon State University's prestigious College of Liberal Arts. Born and raised in Douglas County, Oregon, he enjoys various hobbies and interests, including fishing and hiking. He is also a long-standing supporter of several crucial charities, nonprofit organizations, and other good causes. He is married with three children.

Current Roles & Duties

Session Musician

Zuccarelli has worked as a sought-after session musician for over two decades. During this time, he has performed alongside an ever-growing number of well-known solo artists, bands, and other musicians. These artists and bands include several Billboard Hot 100 staples. The session musician is a talented guitarist, bass player, and, first and foremost, drummer.

As a session musician, he is available for studio and live work. Working live alongside touring artists, Oregon-based Zuccarelli has traveled to over 40 of the 50 U.S. states. He has also visited over a dozen other countries worldwide, including Australia, Germany, New Zealand, and Japan.

Now married with three young children, Zuccarelli focuses on studio-based session work. However, he is due to travel to Europe in late 2023 to perform alongside an internationally renowned recording artist. It is the same recording artist for whom he has been a preferred session drummer for over 15 years.

Mixed Media Artist

Emmanuele Zuccarelli also works as a successful mixed media artist alongside his session musician career. As a mixed media artist, he is regularly commissioned to complete work for individuals and businesses. Past corporate clients include a nationwide fast-food chain, a luxury fashion brand, and an international airline based in the Middle East.

His work has been featured extensively in online and print advertising. The artist is best known for his graffiti-inspired illustrations and more traditional acrylic paintings, namely portraits. However, he is also a talented sculptor – an area of art that the Beaver State native has focused on more and more in recent years.

Alongside sculpture, since 2020, Zuccarelli has also invested considerable time in exploring multimedia art. His foray into multimedia art has seen him combine visual art with his passion for music, motion graphics, and various technology-forward interactive aspects.

Academic History

Zuccarelli attended high school close to his childhood home in Douglas County, Oregon. He was heavily involved in the school's band program. The talented musician was also recognized for his sporting prowess, excelling in basketball and cross-country running.

After high school, he headed to Oregon State University in Benton County. Oregon State University is a public research university in Corvallis, Oregon. The institution boasts a deep-rooted focus on the natural world. It remains committed to applying knowledge and providing the skills required for graduates to build a better future for all.

Emmanuele Zuccarelli studied music at Oregon State University's College of Liberal Arts, the second largest of the institution's dozen colleges. He graduated with honors, quickly finding work and establishing himself as a go-to session musician in Oregon and further afield.

It was while studying at Oregon State University's College of Liberal Arts that Zuccarelli also first honed his talents as a mixed media artist. Some of his works are still on display at Oregon State University and several other sites in Corvallis today.

Professional Skills

Session musician Zuccarelli plays drums, bass, guitar, and piano professionally. He is also a capable vocalist. The musician's complete list of professional skills and abilities is extensive. Among the highlights are the following:

  • Arrangement skills
  • Beat-keeping
  • Collaborative skills
  • Creative improvisation
  • Ear training
  • Equipment knowledge
  • Music notation
  • Music software knowledge
  • Music theory
  • Music transcription
  • Sight-reading
  • Studio recording techniques
  • Vocal skills
  • Working with a click track
  • Working with a conductor

His musical prowess has seen him achieve widespread recognition in the industry. During his years of tireless work as a session musician, he has picked up several highly prestigious awards. He is also a two-time Grammy Participation Certificate recipient.

Grammy Participation Certificates recognize composers, musicians, publishers, studios, and labels who have contributed to Grammy-winning or Grammy-nominated recordings.

Charitable Involvement

Emmanuele Zuccarelli is proud to contribute to several all-important good causes in the U.S. and overseas. Among these good causes are well-known nonprofit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, smaller charities, and other community-focused initiatives. Just some of the many good causes backed by the award-winning musician include:

  • Compassion International
  • Direct Relief
  • Entertainment Industry Foundation
  • Feeding America
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Oregon Environmental Council
  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
  • Unite Oregon
  • United Way Worldwide
  • WildCat Ridge Sanctuary
  • YMCA of the USA

Oregon Environmental Council, Unite Oregon, and WildCat Ridge Sanctuary are all Beaver State-based organizations with which Zuccarelli has first-hand experience as a supporter.

He is also an avid proponent of the importance and value of local volunteering. The musician and artist have volunteered countless hours for many good causes he cares about over the past 25-plus years. Time permitting, he remains forever on the lookout for new volunteering opportunities close to his Multnomah County home.

Personal Interests

Zuccarelli is a father of three young daughters. Happily married for over ten years, he and his family reside in a popular suburb of Portland, Oregon. The Oregon native grew up in the Beaver State city of Roseburg in Douglas County.

Roseburg lies on the Umpqua River in southernmost Oregon. While growing up in Douglas County, Zuccarelli developed his love of music and art and his passion for fishing and hiking. Douglas County is well-known for its fishing. The Roseburg area alone boasts over 50 sites renowned for fishing for bass, bluegill, salmon, steelhead, and trout.

Alongside art, music, fishing, and hiking, father-of-three Zuccarelli's other hobbies and interests include cinema, cooking, running, and watching professional sports. He is a long-time supporter of the Portland Trail Blazers basketball team.


Emmanuele Zuccarelli